The Miracle Mile Walk 2018

Team Vanessa

Thanks to everyone on Team Vanessa!! We made the commitment to raise over $5000 and we did it!! We raised just over $5800 and we were the second place team. (The first place team was corporate sponsored so that's pretty good for us!!).

Vanessa's life, and now our lives, have been forever touched by cancer. The year has had some amazing ups and some brutal downs. But through it all, Vanessa maintained her fighting spirit. She overcame the odds and kicked cancer's butt!

Cancer is definitely to be feared. And I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But Vanessa having cancer has been a blessing to so many people. Her willingness to put herself out there, share her story, allow her scary pictures to be posted, and ask for help has in itself helped countless people. I know it's not for everyone to be so public. But if we helped anyone by sharing Vanessa's Journey, then it was worth it.

Vanessa could not have done it without YOU! Your support has meant the world to her. Every card, letter, gift, flower, text, email, phone call, prayer, thought, visit...has been noticed. It is said that you discover who your true friends are when you are down. Vanessa has discovered hers and she has been overwhelmed by the loving support. So thank you from Vanessa and from me.

Together we made a difference in the lives of women in our community by walking for Vanessa!

Thank you again for your generous support!

Love you TuTu Much,

Tracy Stolarski

Campaign Chair


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